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Published 28 Jun 2011

[cont'd] layout.  You land on your Dashboard when you login – which by default has your employee message board, along with unread work items, recent documents, quick timesheet, and support cases.  You can change what’s shown on the dashboard by adding and removing widgets including items like My Sales Leads, My To-Dos, RSS Feeds, My Projects, and Unhandled Support - which means you can set your Dashboard up exactly how you want it.

On the right side of the page is a place to add bookmarks so you have easy access to the pages you use most, and across the top you have the Contacts, Calendar, Documents, Work, Sales, Finances, Support, and Settings tabs… and everything is right where you would suppose it should be - Leads and Estimates are under Sales, while Invoices and Expenses are under Finances, and so on.


WORKetc also has extensive help resources, most of which are available at the bottom right of every page… video manuals, downloadable PDF manuals, forums… or you can also pay them a little extra for personal training.

Project Management Software – Your WORKetc page allows you to collaborate on projects, share documents, manage timesheets, and create todo lists.


Web based CRM – You can even handle your customer support from your WORKetc page.  Very easily configure your support forms, auto responses, and standard replies (or “Canned Responses”) from customer support on the Work tab.      


Finances – WORKetc also lets you manage invoices and...