Developer description

Workonomic is a time-tracking web-application focused on efficiency of use. It's built for freelancers and other professionals who want to track billable hours on the projects they work on.

What makes it different than other time tracking solutions is that you can use our chat robot to track time in real-time. If you already have a Google Hangouts/Talk or Facebook chat open during the most of your day, you can talk directly to our robot to do this. You use simple, natural phrases to start and stop tracking time, create projects, add notes, memos and more. It's sort of like having a personal assistant helping you track your time.

Because of this you don't have to keep a workonomic website open to use it, or install anything on your computer. You can also track time from smart-phones, tables, shell-only Linux boxes or other devices that have a usable Google Hangouts/Talk compatible chat client (xmpp). Workonomic then displays your work-time in nice visual way, offers you plenty of options to export the data and API to integrate it with other apps or things like Google Docs spreadsheets. Through API, it can also connect to other apps, like for example to our InvoiceFox to generate Invoices directly from the hours you tracked.

Visit us and try our very generously limited free version!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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