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Published 22 Sep 2020

There are a great many lessons that can be learned from the pandemic of 2019-20 (and 2021, if it comes to that.) On the personal side, patience, self-discipline and the ability to be able to listen to and trust experts are the things that immediately come to mind. However, when it comes to our working lives, there's little doubt that things are going to have to change rather radically over the coming years. With many companies having staff working all over the world, there has long been the inconvenience of having remote workers in far-flung territories on top of office-based staff in their home country. Now, with Covid disrupting the workplace so badly, there's the added problem of having to cater for staff members who have been forced to work from home.

So, how does a company ensure that their workforce is being productive whilst away from the prying eyes of managers. They could be signing in and out correctly at any time of day or night but what are they actually doing while they are 'working?' Are they being efficient and productive or are they playing games or checking their Facebook and Instagram accounts every five minutes when they are meant to be working? Well, now there is a way to keep track. Here we have an app that lets you see exactly how your team members are spending their time during work hours. Workpuls is a highly trusted workforce productivity, analytical and time keeping app that...