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Keep an eye on your team while they're working at the office or working from home or remotely

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Published 22 Sep 2020

[cont'd] analyzes and optimizes employee performance, productivity and efficiency using deep behavioural data insights and enterprise level workforce analytics.

Workpuls turns your workforce into an accountable and very flexible team by showing you what they are up to at work whether they are in the office, working remotely around the world or working from home. It helps to streamline workflows, keep workers engaged and helps drive productivity using real time visibility and business powering analytics. All these things do their bit to keep your team honest and help to optimize their performance - a vital element in today's difficult working conditions.

The app is built from the ground up using the very latest enterprise grade security and privacy standards and features easy remote installation and convenient deployment options. It is perfect for any size of business, any number of employees and any number of devices and is available with either cloud based or on-premises options. It features both computer activity and employee monitoring and time tracks each with regular screenshots to provide a visual image of the working environment. You can easily add projects and tasks, assign specific jobs to staff members to ensure efficient, focused work is being carried out productively and correctly. Workpuls' advanced data and detailed reporting makes it easier to forecast future budgets and helps you stay on top of project progress.

Given the way that the Covid pandemic has ripped apart company profits over the last few months it's inevitable that companies will...