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WorkSimple's Personal Edition is the easiest way to manage your career. It's a simple ... More

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Published 7 Jul 2012

Do many of you keep your professional accomplishments up to date on a regular basis or do you only update them when you are applying for a new job? Personally, it's the latter I'm afraid but I totally agree that it would be far more organized and sensible to keep an ongoing record. WorkSimple Individual Edition is a free business and portfolio application where you can detail your working career and then adds a bit of a LinkedIn-style social side to share your efforts.
WorkSimple's Personal Edition is the easiest way to manage your career. It's a simple professional view of your accomplishments, efforts and successes. WorkSimple can help you start capturing goals, set your career focus as well as getting endorsements and feedback from your coworkers or people manager. And you can even post to your LinkedIn Profile. So how does it work? First up, set your career focuses and showcase your direction before  creating social goals that support each focus. then you can start building your work portfolio! Add the social goals that demonstrate progress toward your career focus. With all your work accomplishments in one place, you’ll never leave behind your portfolio of success. Then get feedback from co workers and clients and get endorsed! Finally, you can boost your reputation by sharing it with your LinkedIn network. Brand yourself as a maker, a thinker, a doer. Think big, write thoughtful goals, and accomplish big things. The benefits for business using apps like WorkSimple have been noted many times. It seems that employees are motivated by having their goals set out for them and also the competition of achieving those goals
WorkSimple was developed on the theory of measuring your worth through accomplishments and workability. If your fellow workers gave you a score out of ten it would be simple but the next best thing is to put together a strong portfolio of your work and add references and feedback from the people you have worked with and worked for. WorkSimple is totally free for individuals and very cheap for team and companies. It's a simple, powerful and easy to use social portfolio app that will prove beneficial for individuals and businesses alike.

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