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World Golf Tour (WGT) is the world’s most authentic online golf experience. WGT’s ... More

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Published 27 Aug 2011

Play virtual golf on famous courses in beautiful HD, compete in tournaments to win great prizes and challenge friends to a round at the world renownd St Andrews. WGT is a free browser based golfing app, with a lasting appeal to both novice and advanced golfers alike.


Join an already huge community of online golf enthuiasts, with everything from virtual country golf clubs for players to relax and chat with other golfers after a hard day on the course, to skills training for you to fine tune your putting skills to turn that birdie into an eagle!


Constantly being updated with new courses, challenges and tournaments, WGT is an evergrowing community, with its own currency and shops letting players upgrade their golfers equipment and appearance, a true golf sim.


World Golf Tour(WGT) claims to be the most realistic golf app on the web, and it doesnt take long to see why they can make such a statement. The graphics are of a really high quality, almost unparraled by other game apps, let alone the golfing genre. I would go as far as to say that the game looks like it could be on par with some of the mainstream console releases. With the bonus that WGT is free!


                                        A Huge selection of photo-realistic course :-)

This game has had TLC poured into it by its developers, and in return WGT has got a solid fanbase and a thriving online community where players can compete against one another in tournaments, winning trophies and eventually the all imoprtant status of legend. This app is designed to keep you enterained not just for days, but months, with you bringing your players profile through leauges, and developing your skills as a golf master.


You dont need to create an account to try WGT out, simply play as a guest to get a feel for the game, and tee off on some of the picturesque golf courses available. Registration is an easy process too, no demands for your life details, just your email and your golfers alias, then the green awaits.

If you're into golf you will be into WGT. As a gaming veteran, I have to say this is quality stuff. The micro-transaction model is easy to get sucked into (buy better clubs, but better balls etc), but it isn't essential, and if you DO get to the stage where better clubs are desirable then you are at the stage where spending a little money is justifiable!

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