Developer description

WorldTV is an entirely new concept in the world of web video. More than 10 years in the planning, it realizes a long term vision to empower anyone, anywhere to become their own media mogul, and to create their own fabulous TV Channel.
WorldTV represents the next generation in online video. With millions of video clips now online, the ‘Library’ is finally in place to empower anyone to mix their tastes into a powerful (and personal) TV channel. We want to offer the very best tools to enable people to do just this.
Not everyone is a video creator, but everyone knows what they like. With WorldTV, you can create a full-screen web TV channel in minutes that reflects your own personal tastes.

Create your own full screen TV channel using clips that you simply like, at an attractive URL you can give to friends. Easy to use tools for organizing and compiling video content allow you to take control of your favourite videos, aggregate them, and share them in a TV channel style.
Watch full screen TV channels created by people like yourself from all over the World, and from all different backgrounds. Ever wonder what people like to watch in Japan, or London? Now you can find out.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015