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Worthy, a new social app designed for iOS 7, gamifies the way people meet new friends who share ... More

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Published 24 Sep 2013

Is your social network getting you down? I've been saying for some time now that, in order to be able to keep up with what your friends are doing, there is an optimum amount of Facebook friends you can have. Once you get above a couple of hundred it starts to turn into a full time job to keep up with your feed properly. What began as a great social experiment has turned, for many, into a race to the most number of friends - the vast majority of which you never have any contact with. Quantity over quality. Worthy is a social community for iOS that turns the social friendship concept on its head by encouraging friends who share your cerebral interests rather by than the cute smile of their profile picture.
Worthy, is a new social app that has been designed for iOS 7 and changes the way people meet new social friends. It is based purely on the theory that true and interesting friends are really people who share the same interests and values. While there are literally thousands of social friend making apps on the market, there are very few that really helping people to discover and connect with people who are alike and share the same values. Half the problem is that many just add friends randomly to make up the numbers or by the look of their profile picture. Worthy uses a radically different approach to meeting people online by setting three of their own questions that represent what they think or like. In order to connect with you, potential friends will have to prove themselves worthy of your interest by correctly answering these questions. If you word your questions correctly you can meet the most interesting people who share some of your core interests and values. Find people who share your favorite band or movie. Discover people near where you live who share similar tastes and interests by answering other users' questions and find out their tastes and values. If you answer their questions to their satisfaction, you will have proven your worthiness and can get in touch with them!  Worthy is considered a big deal for iOS and  is being featured worldwide in the App Store’s home page in 37 countries and that includes the newly launched “Designed for iOS 7” section.
I was thinking just the other day that it would be interesting if another social network rose to be as big Facebook. It would be a monumental task but Worthy would be a serious contender if there was one. This easy to use social community application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch refocuses the emphasis on true friendships rather than the advertising dollar and the number of friends that you have. It's a beautifully designed and easy to use app that encourages friendship (and dating, if it comes to that) based on your shared interests rather than just being a pretty face. Oh...and what's more ... I love the name.

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