Developer description

Wowin is a new, big investment of Red Sky, company that has created websites like FilesTube or, which are well known on all over the world. Website contain logical games, where winners earn real money. To become one of them, You have to just pay small deposit (at least 5$) and play. If there are more players in one game, winner of course can get more cash (so, more players = more money to win). On website appears seasonal promotions and contests.
Wowin is a website for all who want to spend their breaks playing online games or entertain themselves for few hours. For both of them it's the perfect place. Website hosts flash games, where users may compete with other players to win prizes. Games that You can play at
- StackBox
- WaterPopper
- CosmoBlast
- MonsterSmash
All games are Casual Games - that means they are very easy to learn but difficult to master, so everyone has a great chance at winning - new users as well as experienced ones. Wowin offer tables for players with similar skill levels. Games are only 2 minutes long, but users can play as many time as they want.

Actually, wowin has almost 20 000 users, who won more than 4 000$, playing 50 000 games per month.

Last updated 13 Jan 2012