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Editor's review

Published 25 Nov 2011

This looks like a great little marketing tool and is based on the theory that businesses
probably miss out on a lot of opportunities to get their message across on a number of
occasions throughout a working day.

Why? Because every email sent presents a platform to get a message across and with
WrapMail you can now ensure that recipients see a whole lot more than just the original
message you sent them.

It’s a simple concept. By signing up your emails will be re-routed through a WrapMail hosted
server. Enterprise customers can of course host it themselves. Staff sending emails need do
nothing different as the clever stuff happens after they hit the send button. What happens
after that is that the email message gets wrapped with customizable branding graphics
which can be designed completely from scratch or with the help of some ready to use

The wraps can be things like specific pages from the company website advertising new
products or special offers. The system also has the flexibility to allow users to set up specific
wraps for different senders and recipients and also arrange them to rotate at given periods
creating a good mix of marketing messages.

The app doesn’t stop helping the marketing push once an email is sent either as it does
come with some analytical capabilities too. Reports are available showing the click- through
details on the different elements within a wrap complete with the times recipients viewed
them. For a more instant reaction however you can arrange for senders to receive an email
the instant a recipient clicks on a wrapped link. If you look at this as a buying signal and
react accordingly you never know, it could end up being the biggest sale of the week!


I like the idea of this as a marketing aid. A great way to utilize something we all use
constantly throughout the day to spread both the message and awareness about the latest
stuff going on.


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