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Developer description

Apptronics Ltd has delivered the first Wrestling belt creator app on the Apple iOS App store. It became available to download on 27th April 2012. The app is free and allows users to build their belt from the available components, choose a strap colour, strap centre colour and style, main plate style (choice of ten) and side plate style.

With the extra packs there are twelve main and side plate colours to choose from, mini side plates in ten styles and twelve colours, choice of tip and snap colours, and tooling available in barbed wire and star tooling. Providing over 800 billion combinations.

Once the belt has been created, the user can share on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail or just save in their photo album to share.

There is also a display case to store the created belts in the app, the users can also edit, delete and share all belts stored in their display case.

“Oh awesome that looks pretty damn cool, good idea too “ said Paul Martin of Paul Martin Championship Belts “its a good concept and I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been done yet “.

Apptronics Ltd was founded in the UK in September 2009 and to provide fun and innovative IOS apps for the Apple community on both iPhone and iPad, they currently have fourteen apps on the store.

Last updated 29 Apr 2012