Developer description

Write ABC was created to be a fun alternative to conventional, uninspiring methods of learning how to write the alphabet. In the transition to preschool, it is important that your child knows how to accurately recognize and write the letters of the alphabet - our innovative and educational app will teach them how to do exactly that.
With bright colours and interactive elements, Write ABC helps to keep your child curious and with a hunger to learn. Our application will help to prepare your child for his or her upcoming education from ages 4-6. The app teaches your child to correctly trace letters with their finger - a skill that they can then translated to a pen or pencil when the time comes. With accompanying images and a choice of colours to paint with, Write ABC is guaranteed to keep your child interested from day one to a time that they no longer need the application.
Tracing of letters is separated into easy steps accompanied by bright arrows and our unique big green and red circles signing where to begin and where to stop tracing. Interactive elements are a key part of the app. The application will show them short animations to encourage them to progress further. In addition to this, cute kitten will appear, also giving them encouragement.
The large letters and game-like elements make Write ABC the perfect educational app for young children to learn the alphabet at their own pace. - Full screen sized letters. - All Capital and lowercase alphabets. - Correct tracing is guarantied. - Professional voiceover by Ines Marques.. - Kitten assistant exclusively created. - The perfect starting point for any child aged 4-6. - The most interactive way to learn the alphabet with animations and the opportunity to paint letters. - Support for 8 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew and Russian

Last updated 10 Apr 2015

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