Developer description

The main application's goal is to boost your productivity, make the work with text more efficient and bring a piece of simplicity and ease into the process of writing and editing. Write! is to help everyone forget about all conventional text editors with confusing interface and lots of unnecessary buttons and suggest simple and snow-white working space that is so pleasant to look at that just in a few seconds you will lose your touch with reality.
With the variety of hot key combinations you will be able to access all the features without even touching your mouse. All text formatting tools, text colour changes, headings, etc can be done just with an easy button press .
What is more, the support of textile and wiki syntax makes the work with text even more pleasant. You can type any text in Write!, copy&paste it, for example in Google Doc, and all the text formatting with titles and subtitles will remain the same.
It does not matter whether you are an advanced PC user or just a beginner, you will not face any difficulties with Write! since its interface is user-friendly and easy-to-understand. Even if you forget a key combination or a shortcut, just press F1 button and the help menu will give you all the hints you need to know to yet more effectively work with text.

Last updated 19 Sep 2014

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