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Are you looking to have fun by reading interesting facts?
Do you want to discover amazing & unbelievable facts?
Weird facts that make you say wtf?

Well then you must try WTF Fun Facts – one the best daily random facts apps!

We like to call it a growing encyclopedia in your pocket.
Not only is reading interesting facts a great way to pass time, but you may also learn and grow your general knowledge. Especially since our interesting facts app is categorized, so you can pick and get only fun facts on topics that interest you.

Read several new fun facts of the day and new fun facts on your smartphone daily. This is the official app of With more than 10,000 facts available, is definitely one of the most complete fact sources out there. If you enjoy going through on your computer, now you can do it on your smartphone or tablet in a much more convenient way, with a few bonuses!

Whether you are looking to entertain yourself with wtf unknown facts, or you are looking to educate and learn with a variety of true facts, this is the app to do it. Explore 20+ categories such as animal, awesome, food, places, sports, tech, weird facts, and more! Additionally, you may endlessly browse the facts feed and make things interesting with truly daily random facts.

Liked a fact you found on our facts app? Save it on your phone, like or share it with your friends on a variety of social media channels and email. Don’t like a fact? Dislike it! Have something to say about a certain fact? Comment on any fact within the app. Vote your fact into the top facts of the week! This is an entertainment fact collection that is focused to serve you and help you learn and have fun.

- All fun unknown facts are available on with their source information
- All facts are grouped by categories
- Save facts to your device
- Quickly share any life fact with your friends
- Read and add comments for any fact
- Daily facts.

You will be surprised by how engaging facts can be on social media.

Try it now and start impressing your friends with some awesome facts!

Last updated 26 May 2020

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