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Published 10 Feb 2012

Wupbox solves the problem of how you keep track of what's happening with your website as you travel the globe. Whether you are off on holiday or travel the world as part of your business you still need to know that your website or startup is working effectively and Wupbox allows you to monitor everything you need to know and get notifications if things are running slow or a problem is detected.
Wupbox is a set of  networking and communication tools that allow you to monitor and analyze your website from different specific locations in the world and make sure that everything is working properly and efficiently. An array of servers positioned around the world monitor websites every minute and twenty-four hours a day to ensure a  more effective monitoring of your website. All the information obtained about your website can be displayed graphically. Each time one of the servers detects a problem with your website you are sent a notification. Receive an alert if your website is running slowly and taking a long time to load. You will receive a summary report every week or month to stay updated about your website status and view a history of all checks performed. You can even perform real-time checks using Wupbox agents located around the world.
It's not so bad if you have a team of people to look after your website while you are off galavanting around the world. But for many there is only one of you involved to oversee everything. Wupbox solves your problem with this cloud-based application that allows you to monitor your site while you are on the move. This easy to use tool gives you all the data you need, sends you a message if things are going wrong and delivers a full analytical report at the end of it. Seems like adamned good idea if you ask me. It also means you can wipe that excuse as to why you never take a holiday off your list.

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