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Developer description

The ideal tool for busy consumers suffering from information overload and social
update “fatigue.” Without any change in browsing behavior, Genieo helps users recapture some free time by identifying individual user’s unique interests and delivering content that align with each individual’s interests. Without any customization required, Genieo automatically and continuously adapts to any changes in topics of interest over time in a way that is seamless to the user. Additionally,
Genieo application is stored locally; therefore all personalization is performed on each individual device, ensuring the most stringent privacy. User’s interests are never shared publically unless specifically published by the user.
- No customization required—other personalization services require users to explicitly personalize their preferences. Genieo automatically does this for its users.
- Automatic RSS feed management—Genieo is the first tool to automatically discover RSS feeds off of your favorite websites, opt you in and out of those feeds and filter all news stream for you.
- One time download, and no user name or password—Genieo filters and aggregates the content its users are interested in directly on each user’s machine. No information is stored, so no user name or password is necessary.
- Stringent privacy—Genieo’s application life on the individual device, not the cloud, so all browsing practices and content is private to the user. Genieo automatically disables itself when users browse to private sites such as email, banking and online shopping.
Genieo have been selected for recognition by PCWorld Best 100 as one of the top 10 productivity software together with, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, Norton Antivirus 2011 etc.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011

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