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New Product from Sourcing to Onboarding

Hiring made easy

Using Hires360 you can find and zero in fast on the right talent without going through a slew of emails.Dont lose out on valuable time and promising applicants to your email inbox.Save your email inbox for all the other important things you have to do - leave the hiring to us ! Hires360 helps fast-growing companies attract, engage and hire the right person for the job-which helps building committed teams.

Harness social networking, employee referrals, Agency portal and Job Portals

Hires360 allows you to source great candidates using the power of social networking as well as referrals from your own staff. Using Agency Portal and Employee referral portal allows great collaboration to find the right candidate.Screen,schedule interviews all under one roof.

About Hires360

Hires360 is a highly customizable applicant tracking system which has a powerful applicant tracking and workflow engine. The software is feature rich, simple to setup and easy to use. Organizations can customize their workflow and interview processes. Hires360 works seamlessly with your staff to ensure efficiency. Hires360 links with MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and Any Reports.


Hires360 has been designed for use by companies of any size. Whether you're a direct employer or an agency, you can enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated e-recruitment system.

Consolidated View

Hires360 gives you a complete view - providing a common portal for Manpower Agencies , Employee Referrals and your Organization's Recruiters to collaborate under one roof.No longer do you need to go through emails and maintain data manually.

Dashboards provide real time data regarding: Current Hiring status Pending Activities / Tasks Calendar for reminders

Drop our widgets on your website and start attracting talent - its as simple as that!

Create your own brand - build customized URL branding your product as you use Hires360.Creating a uniform brand helps attract talent and makes your company desirable for talent to work in

Create , analyze and take informed decisions with our custom reports.Hires360 comes packaged with statndard out of the box 100+ reports such as 'Job offer aceptance rate', 'Time to fill' , EEO etc..... Need more reports - we can build them for you - contact us at [email protected]
Find the right talent

Makes it simpler and easier to zero in on the right talent - never lose out to the slew of candidates and find what you are looking for
Requisition tree

Drag drop applicants from one state to other. Schedule interviews, send offer to applicants - all at the click of a button
Custom field

Want to add aditional fields in either the applicant form or requisition form? - you dont need to wait for us to code , test and deploy - this functionality is self service - and you the end user can decide and extend!
Screen field customization

Dont want certain fields to be visible in requisition or applicant form? Want to make certain fields mandatory ? Want to change the order of fields on screen ? Screen field customization makes it possible without any code changes!
Applicant search

With the amount of resumes received - it is almost akin to the proverbial 'Needle in the Haystack' syndrome!Not any more with our powerful search engine which allows searching on various applicant attributes - Never lose out on the right applicant using our 'Keyword search' which zeros in on the right candidate.
Talent pool

Attract talent by sourcing resumes by automatically reading in profiles from designated email id, manage profiles in talent pool, and move profiles to requisition when ever needed.

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Last updated 14 Aug 2012