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We would like to introduce, an online radio tuner project. For further brief info on this project please see

We are currently seeking online audio services, radio stations or other potential partners who may be interested in:

- Posting their audio streaming channels on;
- Supplementing their existing online audio services with the functionality;
- Developing the user interface and content management technology for specific applications, such as e.g. in Internet radio hardware, mobile devices, Smart TVs or automobiles, etc.; and/or
- Participating/investing in the development of as a standalone service.

In terms of copyright issues, in brief, does not distribute audio and represents a service which in itself does not trigger such issues. This has just been confirmed by Google in its correspondence whereby Google advised us that was in compliance with Google’s policies in relation to the promotion of copyrighted content.
The website boasts a very user friendly and efficient admin interface. The admin control panel allows to instantly and conveniently search and manage users, channels, music styles and other content. Among an array of other useful functions, there is also a built-in interface to test audio streams for compatibility with
For now there may be occasional issues with some channels. While most established audio services provide stable audio streams, smaller independent channels can from time to time go offline, and there might be other changes in respect of various stations as regards their URLs, audio stream formats or content. One nearest addition to the admin interface is therefore automatic monitoring of such changes in audio streams which would almost entirely eliminate system maintenance.

The website includes certain radio station promotion functionality. While it is currently only visible to registered users, there is a Prime Channels list which displays a hand picked selection of channels. The first channel on the Prime list starts playing when a visitor first opens the site (may not yet work on some mobile devices) and when an unregistered user presses the Fast Forward / Rewind buttons on the player he or she scrolls through the Prime Channels. The Prime Channels section is planned to be soon given a more prominent position on the site and may be of interest to radio stations wishing to promote their channels on

Also, among other forthcoming improvements and additions to the site and admin panel, we will be shortly introducing ad banner placement functionality for channel owners or other interested advertisers to place their ads directly on’s main page or other specific pages.

Please note that is not yet specifically adapted to mobile devices (and a mobile adaptive design for the site is in the works), is therefore currently better viewed on desktops, and in the Chrome browser since there may be also glitches with some other browsers for the moment.

Should you be interested to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us by return email or via the Contact us form located at

Last updated 27 Jun 2016

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