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Published 1 Oct 2011

Any actors out there? This one's for you I think. WyckWyre is food job search tool that'll put actors into their other vocation in life - restaurant jobs.   It's different and much more proactive and specific than most other employment sites, though. WyckWyre gives you the choice of searching their job boards for restaurant positions or, if you register, it will send you details of local restaurant jobs into your email box.
Wyckwyre is an intelligent restaurant job search alert tool that serves potential job positions right in to your inbox. The choice is yours whether you search through their job boards or let them find a job close to where you live. They understand that we all very busy people these days and sometime we don't have enough time to job search properly. But with WyckWyre you'll be the first to know about job positions putting you ahead of the pack. Just apply by clicking the link in your email and you could be the first one to apply. Not only that but with some employers on WyckWyre.com, you’re guaranteed the “first interview” without ever having to leave your house. Employers have the ability to ask you the questions they normally would ask when they initially bring you in for an interview. And all from the comfort of your couch at home.

I was only joking about the actors. This site is for everyone looking for restaurant jobs. WyckWyre is a good looking and very efficient tool that goes one step further than the usual employment services and it's free to join up. It covers most of the major US cities and covers all facets of restaurant jobs from baristas to busboys. The other beauty of the site is their knowledge and connections in the food industry which gives you a better chance of finding the employment you seek in the industry you love.

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