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Published 8 Nov 2011

The social history of employment is an interesting topic in that it didn’t really change much for the vast majority of people until fairly recently.

In times gone by if you were a boy and your father worked down a coal mine the chances were that you’d end up down there too. If you happened to be a girl well there wasn’t many options other than to be a housewife or perhaps go into service. The same probably applies for the building trades, market porters and those that worked the land unless of course you happened to catch the eye of a generous patron.

These days, the fact that everyone has access to higher levels of education means that job expectations are higher too. Having said that there are surprisingly still a large number of people out there doing a job for which they have no real idea why they’re doing it.

Wygu.com (short for When You Grow Up) aims to help these people out along with those that are only just about to dip a toe into the frightening waters of the career market. As the name suggests, we all had high-flying ambitions when we were children so why should that change when we get older only to see us settle for the first thing that comes up?

Matching people to their perfect job is not an easy science but wgyu.com claims to have the software and "ground breaking algorithms that give unparalleled results and accuracy." That’s...