Developer description

More angle more speed! Nothing will distract you from the absolute drift experience. The physical model, approved by the extreme driving school combines simple control, and realistic behavior of the rear wheel drive car, even including klutchkick. Complete driftkhana and gymkhana tasks to open new levels and cars from classic to the sport monsters.

And you can ride even on banana! Or just move sideways on one of the tracks, including the real-world. In this game, you are limited only by the boundaries of the level and pleasant electronic music make races even more enjoyable!
And now you can choose between two camera views: top down and helicopter view!

Main goal of the game is to complete all tasks on level. To complete tasks you need just drift true the market or inside circle. Control throttle is easiest way to control drift angle. When you press throttle car wants to rotate, end when you release throttle car goes more straight. Just little practice and you will like it!

Last updated 26 Sep 2016