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Published 14 Jun 2013

While its not quite the same as the Mac versus IBM wars back in the 80's and 90's there is still a definite feeling that you are either an XBox person or a Playstation or Nintendo person when it comes to gaming. And with two of those companies about to launch new gaming systems onto the market in time for Christmas it might be the right time to do some serious research on both Sony and Microsoft's new product before shelling out hundreds of dollars on a new console. The XBox One Corner is an all encompassing magazine style app that presents the case for Microsoft's soon come gaming console and features all the news on everything XBox One.
With both Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's XBox One both logged in for a November release date there was always going to be a lot of interest in what both consoles were offering this time around. On face value, PS4 appeared to be the clear winner when unveiled at E3 recently but purely because it's price was about a hundred bucks cheaper than the XBox One. But hang on there for a second. What does Microsoft's baby have to offer to warrant the significant price difference? Well for a start, XB1 integrates your TV directly into the system making it an all-round entertainment package. It also adds a social element by letting you see what your friends are watching and playing. It...