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Published 14 Jun 2013

[cont'd] features a great little feature that lets you record your favorite gaming moments so you can revel in the glory time and time again. As much as anything else, though, it will be the games that are going to really propel XBOne into people's hearts with 15 games ready to go including a new version of Halo. There's also the addition of the massively popular Kinect feature - previously only available as an additional buy - and not only does it give you a camera with 1080p but you can also Skype with your friends through it. Using the Snap feature you can even effortlessly multitask and watch TV, play XBOne games and Skype with your buddies. Then there is the massively popular XBox Live, now with cloud based storage, and of course, the Blu-Ray player. There is also the addition of voice control - which could well see you playing your XBOne with no hand controls. All these features make the XBox One a force to be reckoned with and will please their millions of fans worldwide and Xbox One Corner will quickly become a great resource for Xbox One information. It includes all the news on the best XB One games, news, accessories as well as customer forums to give you the best possible information on what you get for your $499.
XBox One Corner is a nicely designed and easy to navigate magazine-style app that delivers all the guff on everything XBox One while you...