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A CMS to create, share and store your data and pay as you go

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Xehon is a multi-purpose, pay as you go, web platform used for data creation, data sharing, data ... More

Editor's review

Published 1 Nov 2013

To be honest, Xehon is a business content management system (CMS) for Android that acts a bit like a social network for your team. It is a 'pay-as-you-go' application that gives everyone from freelancers to large enterprises everything they need to create, share and store data of all sorts. If also offers easy communication and collaboration within the team. The app provides a rich array of content and includes everything from data and document creation to image gallery as well as messaging and a support forum.
Xehon is a multi-purpose, pay as you go, web platform that can be used for data creation, data sharing, data storage and communication.  'Pay as you go' means that the cost to you is proportional to your usage so, if you only use it a little you only pay a little. This comprehensive CMS delivers features that include document creation, video and image galleries, instant messaging, a calendar, a blog, slide and graphics creation as well as file upload and a forum. Xehon is based on modules - which can be content like document collection, the image gallery or the forum - and the developers will add new modules regularly to enhance the platform's capabilities. All modules have flexible access settings to define who can access the data and, in some cases, there are additional options for data modification rights. It's target audience sits with freelancers, large enterprises, small and mid size businesses as well as nonprofits and public administrations.
Xehon is a very easy to use CMS for Android that you can use whenever you want and as often as you like but, unlike many similar apps, you only pay for the time that you use. The app offers plenty of features for the budding freelancer and easily enough for the larger enterprise with the aim of increased productivity. Finally, you can sync Xehon with your Google account or other devices using an Android sync app. Next time you think about paying full price for a quality CMS, you might want to consider a more cost effective - but just as effective - app like Xehon.

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