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Developer description

XP Optimizer is a powerful tool for cleaning and speeding up your device. It really performs all its functions, and at the end of the optimization process displays logs for the report.

It contains the following functions:
- Stopping applications and clear the cache (Android 9)
- Stopping background processes
- RAM cleaning
- Deleting empty folders and junk files

File manager:
- Displaying all files by category and sort by size
- Deleteingfiles
- Scanning for folders of cache of other applications, popular instant messengers

Application manager:
- Displaying installed and system applications and sort them by size
- Removing applications
- Stopping applications and clear the cache
- Ability to add the application to the white list so that the optimizer does not stop it

Notification Manager:
- Blocking all notifications
- Clearing notifications

XP Optimizer is always ready to optimize your smartphone!

Last updated 8 May 2020

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