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Fire and Forget Expense Tracking

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We were fed up with how painful expense reports and tracking were. After many experiments we ... More

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Published 9 Sep 2011

Say goodbye to those hours of sitting staring at a pile of receipts which mean nothing to you because they’re so old. Say goodbye to those nasty old spreadsheets too and let Xpenser manage your expenses and give you back a few hours a week to spend earning rather than scratching your head.

This is an app I really wish I’d known about back when I had a salaried job in sales! My old manager would probably feel the same way too given all the chasing he had to do to get me to complete my form. Accessible on any device, Xpenser can help the freelancer, small to medium sized businesses and even larger enterprises employing thousands to keep an accurate and timely handle on expenses.

We’ve all entertained clients with lunch or dinner. The bill comes and the receipt is condemned to the depths of your wallet along with all the others to be forgotten about. With Xpenser, just take a photograph of the receipt with your phone, record it with them and then you can forget about it.

You can record your expenses using whatever means are available to you. Email receipts for things like flights from your computer or Blackberry, use SMS texting or even voicemail. Whatever method you use the information will be gathered and categorized on-line and be there for you do whatever is necessary with the information.

Freelancers will like the apps ability to export receipts as PDF’s for inclusion with a client invoice...