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Published 5 May 2012

If you are a bit of a news junkie like myself then XSOAR is a free social news application that will keep you informed and amused for a long time. It's a veritable mine of real-time photos, video clips and news items that can be delivered in a fast or a slow stream for your quick perusal of a more detailed viewing. The constant stream of incoming information across multiple categories can be viewed, voted on and commented on or you can add to the stream yourself and have your message sent around the world in seconds.
XSOAR is a news platform which inverts the paradigm of how you read news by giving you a constant stream of incoming news items in real time where every action that you do, whether it be voting or commenting on stories or submitting a story yourself, is synced across all other users in real-time. It allows you to create a custom news feed by combining any number of topics and gives you a search engine which updates your queries as new results come in. Submit a story or comment and bring multimedia to news by includin a link picture, a video, documents or audio files. XSOAR also allows you to adjust the pace of incoming stories according to your preference. Play your feeds at the fastest speed for a quick viewing or slow it down to eventual stop speed to view specific stories. And if you have a competitive edge in you, you can gain points and level up by commenting, liking & submitting stories and rising up on the High Score list, increase your rank and unlock extra privileges.
I can see me spending a fair amount of time with my eyes glued to XSOAR as it delivers information fast and covers everything that i love looking at with pictures, videos, music and stories galore. It also allows you to read your news in three different formats. The default mode gives you information overload, maximized delivers it in a larger format and the cover flow mode concentrates solely on the one story. You can submit stories and comment on stories using your real or anonymous name and share interesting stories on Facebook and Twitter with one click. XSOR is a free social news app for iPhone, iPad and Android that is fun, fast and free...and very informative.

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