Developer description

Yabb Messenger is a free app that lets you connect with your family, friends and very close friends. Yabb allows everyone to send text, pictures, voice messages and videos over 3G, 4G and even Wi-Fi. Ah, yeah, for free.
If you're thinking, well there's Viber/Skype/Whatever, just read what Yabb has to offer that differentiates it from its competition:
- Whisper mode, aka voice sexting. Snapchat lets you send self-destructing photos, Yabb lets you send anything self-destructing taking the notion of sexting to a whole new level. Texts, photos, videos, Youtube videos and voice messages even maps (though there's nothing sexy about those).
- Emoticons, Animations, Stickers. Yabb has tons of emoticons to send out and if those sound dull you can move on to sending animations and even stickers.
- Send everything. With Yabb you can send messages, photos, videos, locations and maps, basically any form of communication possible via an app.
- Group chats and shout-outs. You can have group conversations either private or public, depending on your security preferences and send shout-outs to multiple users who can only respond to the sender (similar to the "bcc" feature in emails)
- Share your love. Received a photos or messages that you like? Like photos and messages just you would on Facebook.
- Ever been part of a big chat group where you replied to an old message and everyone gets confused. With Yabb’s reply with history feature, all you need to do is touch the quote marks next to a chat bubble and you can reply to something with a quote of what you are replying to.
- Photo editor. You can spruce up pictures with interesting filters and effects using the built-in editor thus circumventing the need for a 3rd party editor (goodbye Instagram).
Why use 5 different apps to do the same thing that Yabb can do unaided? Best of all, Yabb is available for free on Google Play ( ).

Last updated 18 Mar 2015

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