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Published 28 Oct 2012

[cont'd] forum and everything syncs automatically.  Discussion boards and robust analytics let you gain insights on opportunities, best practices, customer trends and messaging and you can easily share documents, videos, photos, marketing materials etc. SalesBoost uses a secure, private and scalable cloud infrastructure and encourages you to work faster and more efficiently by drawing on the collective knowledge of your team.
SalesBoost allows your sales and marketing teams to quickly and efficiently share information to grow your business while integrating with your CRM to send real-time custom alerts and mini-case studies to your desktop and mobile devices. It's a time saving and, at around US$25 a month for the standard plan, could well be a cost effective way of bringing your team together and boosting your sales figures. Basically, it takes a lot of the leg work out of your sales force integration and allows your team to access vital information in real time no matter whether they are in the office with their desktop or on the road with their tablet or mobile. There is a free 30 day trial on at the moment to see if this impressive and professional marketing app is the thing to boost your sales.