Developer description

Yardbook was founded under the notion that the landscaping community
needed a business software package that was reliable, secure and
completely free. We offer a feature packed program that will suit the
daily needs of your business and create a time saving method of
accessing it on the go, from anywhere in the world. Being a
cloud-based system, you are able to access your information while in
your office or when you’re at the job site.

Our completely free software package is based on the industry’s latest
sponsorship business model and it will provide you the most features,
the most reliability and unmatched data security. The security of your
data is our top priority and we use 256-bit encryption to ensure that
your data is safely stored in the Amazon S3 cloud.

Our clients are important to us and we work very hard to ensure their
complete satisfaction. Our service standards are among the highest in
the industry because we listen to and acknowledge the needs of our

Last updated 27 Jun 2014

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