Developer description

The idea of Yarnfeed is to “share and connect through topics that interest you”.
The product’s main feature is starting topics around anything, whether that be a question, a blog-style post, or a link to an interesting article. Users can then join topics that interest them and have realtime conversations through an organized feed of comments. We also offer a way for people to communicate beyond topics by subscribing to others to see what they're are doing on the service, sharing their status/photos, and sending private messages to users who are mutually subscribed to them.
The word "yarn" is Nigerian slang for "talk", which is where the name comes from. Yarnfeed's initial market is Nigeria, leveraging their up and coming technology market. However, Yarnfeed is still open to all parts of the world with the idea that it isn't a social utility tool (a way for one to connect with friends they already know), but a social discovery tool, allowing people to communicate and find people around shared interests.
We're already growing a loyal community of users, with about half of users being active - coming back and weighing in on topics and updating their status. We believe we can create a really fun, strong community that coexists with the likes of Twitter and Facebook to become one of the largest social networks.
There's still a lot planned feature-wise, including an API to allow developers to leverage our data and loyal users - something that could be really beneficial for both parties.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015