Developer description

Are you tired to play classic Yatzy/Yahtzee over and over again without getting any further? When it's time to try Yatzy Saga and try all... 160 levels! Yatzy as you never seen it before! The game includes classic Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy, Forced Yatzy, giant Yatzy and much more. We have also added some categories that does not exist in any previous editions of Yatzy/Yahtzee. Player has an opponent named Dicy. To go further in the game the player must win over Dicy. We tried to make Yatzy very different from other versions and more exiting updates coming soon! Player do not have to play the same game over and over again like all Yatzy game do, but he can travel from one challenging level to another. Each level is different from previous and Yatzy/Yahtzee fans will really enjoy this game. The game is available only on the App Store but soon it became available on Android platform as well.

Last updated 24 Jan 2015

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