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Product details Yaware.Online is a web-based time tracking application that estimates employee productivity and provides detailed online reports. The app makes management easier, discipline stronger, organisational skills better and performance higher. Target Market Yaware.Online suits for monitoring office workers, freelancers and remote divisions.It can be used by for IT companies, retailers, online stores, advertising agencies, SEO companies, project companies, mass media. Features
Here are someof the most important features of Yaware.Online.
1. Automatic employee time tracking Yaware.Online will provide you with information on exact timing of the beginning and the end of the working day, tardiness and absenteeism, total worked hours
2. Internet and software monitoring and productivity analysis Yaware.Online recognizes more than 15 000 resources and divides them to three categories: Productive category includes apps that the employee needs for his work; Neutral category involves apps that are not required for the job but can be used for some reason; Unproductive category includes apps that reduce efficiency (social networks, messengers, games, etc.). Yaware.Online tracks all used programs and categorises them. Please note that the same website can have different productivity status for different departments (for example, Skype is productive for a sales manager and unproductive for an accountant).
3. Offline activities tracking You can check the presence and the absence of employees at their workplace during their working day. Yaware.Online records duration of absence and requests the employee to comment the idle activities. Each employee can briefly describe the reason of absence or even write a report.
4. Control discipline violations Using Yaware.Online you can track employees` attendance. The system provides you with reports about late arrivals and leaving before time.
5. Get all benefits from online time tracking Because Yaware.Online is web-based application you can track employees` time and productivity no matter where you are! You only need Internet connection. Yaware.Online makes it possible to supervise the workflow and check updated information online and analyze statistics on mobile devices using the app for iOS or Android.
Make sure to check out all features here Gadgets Yaware.Online is available to use on PC`s that work on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and is also available to use on tablets and smartphones on Android and iOS. Pricing You can sign up for a 14 day trial. During this period you will be able to use the full version of the system. After expiration date, a subscription for one user per month costs only 8 dollars. But we offer discounts for longer subscriptions.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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