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YawnLog is a sleep tracker. All you have to do is tell us when you went to sleep, and when you ... More

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Published 14 Dec 2011

Well they’ve certainly got the name of this one right, it made me yawn just reading the description. I’m all for research into anything that might be of use to people’s wellbeing but this one doesn’t seem to have any real purpose apart from presenting you with a graph that will prove to your friends that you weren’t lying when you said you were having trouble sleeping! The app isn’t difficult to use, you sign in and then enter the details of your sleep experience. Having said that I’m not sure how you note the exact time you actually fell asleep as you’d have to be awake to know so perhaps they just mean the time you went to bed.

Anyway, you follow that up by logging the time you wake up and making some notes about the overall sleep experience such as the subject of any dreams or if it was a restless night.

What you do with the data is the big mystery. The site blurb goes on about sharing the answers with your friends and finding out how they’re sleeping habits are going. It even goes on to suggest sharing the information with the rest of the world but quite frankly why would you?

I cannot imagine a bunch of people sitting around a bar table with their sleep graphs spread out discussing how many times they woke up during a certain night but I apologise if such groups exist.

It’s less than scientific approach...