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" … If you are a power user of Twitter, then you will surely have a number of followers and you will also be following many. But what if you are having many followers whom you aren’t following or may have missed to follow? You could find them one by one and start following them. But do you think it is a wise method if you have hundreds of followers whom you want to follow and send DMs same time? I don’t think so! So here is a simple method to do that."
Lets Save Your Times ! Simple – Fast – Easy.
Website Http:// help you follow back those who follow you.
1/ Automatically follow people who follow you and save a ton of time while your Friends list builds itself.
2/ Automatically Send a nice non-promotional DM to new followers that focus on them and your future interaction with them, or simply to thank them for choosing to follow you.
3/ With URL shortening service,, you can track the clicks on your shortened links, and get all kinds of useful and insightful click statistics.
4/ The profile area on Twitter is very limited. enable you to write your own long and detailed social profile (including pictures and hyperlinks), and link this extended profile to your Twitter account.
5/ and more …
“Why you should follow everyone who follows you on Twitter : "
The debate over whether you should follow everyone who follows you on Twitter has raged on ever since the popular microblogging service gained traction. Some say following everyone eliminates the real value Twitter provides—connecting with others of similar interests. Others say that following everyone actually provides more value.
But if you consider some of the finer points of following everyone who follows you on Twitter, I think you might come to the realization, just as I have, that following everyone is not just a responsible move on your part, it’s good of the entire community.
“Following many people doesn’t hurt your follower count "
Some say that following all your followers makes you look bad to the Twitter community and your follower count will actually decrease because of it. I’m not sure where this rumor started, but there’s absolutely no evidence of that being true.
In fact, online marketing firm Hubspot released a report titled “State of the Twittersphere” recently, and found that there’s a “strong correlation between the number of people you follow and the number of followers you have.”
It makes sense: Twitter is, by its very nature, a viral service. If you follow just one person on Twitter, you’re then exposed to their entire list of followers and in turn, they’re exposed to your list. Engaging each other in conversation puts you in front of more people, who then have the option of following you themselves. In the process, everyone adds followers and has the option of getting to know more people.
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Last updated 4 Apr 2011