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The first online and in-person game to use GIFs to get your message across

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Published 13 Jul 2014

It's not easy to come up with an original game concept these days. YIX is a new game for iOS that actually manages to come up with something a little bit different to keep us amused. Well, to be honest, you can't really call this entertaining and very social game truly original because it's origins lie in games like Cards Against Humanity and Apples To Apples but, with it's use of animated GIFs rather than cards, it offers a unique take on a fun and often hilarious piece of entertainment that you can play with family and friends.
The creation and consumption of GIFs has risen to new highs over the last couple of years and people are now using them regularly as forms of communication as well as pure entertainment. Up till now, they haven't been used as the main component of a game. YIX is a new multiplayer game that offers something highly original in mobile gaming by bringing groups together - in person or online - to compete against each other using hilarious GIFs. The game asks players to submit their funniest GIF responses in answer to a wide range of phrases and questions that are put to them. Users can upload and use custom GIFs or play GIFs from their stored favorites to provide big laughs with the best and most relevant responses. The app features a rich archive of GIF content and, given the ease of producing new content, gives brands a fantastic opportunity to align relevant brand content with the themes and topics used in YIX play. You'll be pleased to know that the branded GIF animation is always relevant and is of a high standard, so you won't feel as if you are being sold something. Unlike most online games, YIX also comes with Party Play beta for living room game play and is one of the first mobile games that allow users to play with others whether it be in-person or when they are on the go. In person play currently works with Apple AirPlay and the developers have plans to extend Party Play through other devices like Xbox and Chromecast.
The idea behind YIX was to create a game that raised the happiness of the planet. I'm not sure they've achieved quite those heady heights yet but they've certainly created a game that can be a heck of a lot of fun. Cleverly, they have also added the opportunities for companies to get involved by producing sponsored content and allowing GIFs to have a commercial component - call it advertising if you like - to provide some of the entertainment. YIX offers something new for the online - and home - gamer and is fun to play and easy to use. There's no doubt that GIF use has increased exponentially of late and YIX gives them a chance to shine as well as giving brands a chance to spread a commercial message but, more than anything else, they'll deliver a lot of laughs.

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