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With Yo Health, You will not only build muscle, burn fats but also know what to eat and not to eat. Are you ready to get stronger? Do you want to improve on your fitness? Yo Health has got you covered! Take some time to have look at the various exercises in Yo Health. And look healthy by reading through the foods and recipes outlined. Key Features: - Training routine to build muscle in a short time. - Covers foods essential for healthy men and women. - Foods and recipes a child will need to stay strong and alert. - Healthy living tips for expectant mums. - First aid guide for kids and adults with various categories. - Health tips for kids and adults. - Comes with a calorie calculator (BMR) in case you want to find out how many calories you have. - Has got a list of yoga poses suitable for both adults and kids.

Last updated 12 May 2015

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