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Developer description

What does it do?
It is an alarm clock that wakes you up with Yo Momma jokes.

Why do we need it?
Typical alarm clocks wake up with an annoying tone, nature sounds, birds, ... we were woken up all our lives like that. This alarm clock wakes you up with Yo Momma Jokes. It's different and it's funny.

Who is it for?
For people that want to try something different then the usual. Your days starts with your alarm clock.. That's the very first moment where an app developer should make your day different, and better.

What makes it stand out of the crowd?
It uses video. I haven't seen any alarm clocks out there that use something else then audio. The Yo Momma Jokes are handpicked, to select the most funny ones.

The design was also done up front and with care. Custom fonts and slick design!

Last updated 10 Nov 2014

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