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Yodiz is making Project management and personal task management one of the most exciting tasks. ... More

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Published 8 Feb 2012

Over the last few years, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized the way we interact and share information with our friends. Yodiz is a project management tool that does similar things but in a business oriented format. Whether you are looking for a set of personal management tools or something with a bit more oomph for your business, big or small, Yodiz is an all-encompassing development program that gives you the power to organize your life and collaborate with your co conspirators.
Yodiz is a disruptive, cloud based service that claims to have made a project management and personal task management application that makes things more exciting. They might have gone a little overboard with that description but it is an easy to use business tool that will make your life a little simpler and easier when performing tasks whilst still keeping a fun and social side active too. Their whole philosophy runs along the lines of simplicity added to increased interaction and efficiency means better performance and consequent success. Yodiz focuses on an engaging agile management tool,  issue tracking, code repository and social collaboration to manage your projects. An advanced yet simple backlog let's you attach screen shots and directly engage your team with comments and gets rid of the endless collaborative email dialog. With simple drag and drop, priortize your backlog and have the right order ready for your team and then move items between backlog and sprints. The task board allows you to track progress and  instantly create user stories or add tasks without ever leaving the board.
As you can see, Yodiz is a pretty whizz-bang project management application. It's similar to other business tools like ZilicusPM and Doolphy in it's attention to detail yet has just enough unique features to warrant a second look. It's emphasis on agile management and issue tracking might be just what you are looking for. But it's social side is probably the thing that sets it aside more than most. Maybe this is the way project management tools are heading in the future. It's other saving grace is that if you are a small business with a small team it's totally free.

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