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This FULLY UPDATED AND CHANGED app is aimed at serving the ever-growing yoga community. Yoga actually dates back to 4000 years, in Hinduism practiced by the venerable rishis in India. Today yoga is practiced by approximately 6 million people and this number is consistently growing. June 21 is International Yoga Day. Yoga is practiced for healthy living, to increase the life span, so that he or she can realize their goals and ambitions. Yogis practice so that they can realize their self and obtain mukthi/nirvana People practice yoga for exercise and as a way to relieve stress.
This app will prove to be extremely beneficial as well as relaxing. This app offers a scientific approach to understanding the practice of yoga through colorful illustrations of major poses in beginners and advanced modes with full description of practice and benefits This app main purpose is to serve as companion to beginners as well as practitioners. Please note that all poses have to be performed only under guidance of a yoga teacher in person. Contact us any time for personal sessions in Chennai, India. From the United States, for example India is hardly 26 hours away.

Last updated 28 Mar 2015

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