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Published 13 Sep 2012

I'm sure there would be far more people taking up yoga if it wasn't for the fact that some guys just look pretty average in workout pants. But, thanks to the rise of such user-friendly iDevices like iPad and iPhone, it's now very easy to have your yoga experience at home where no one will care about the odd bulge. But, with over three million people using Arabella Corporation's yoga applications all over the world, there are many reasons to indulge in yoga activities at home. Yoga Free is a free health and fitness app that delivers beautifully made yoga instruction, including video, photos and audio, made by an experienced yoga professional. You can create your own yoga program from the 250 fully explained poses for those seeking perfect balance of mind and body.
Yoga Free is a beautifully presented and very user-friendly new health and fitness application for iOS developed by Arabella for that takes your yoga poses totally mobile. This easy to use app offers 250 different yoga poses with full text instructions and photos of poses plus original background music (or you can choose tracks from your iPod) to maximize your mind and body sessions! It delivers a ready-made yoga program with video and male voiceover guidance that is compiled by an experienced female professional yogi! With Yoga Free you can quickly create your own programs using yoga poses using the professionally made content, photo, audio and full video guidance. Coupled with this there is the convenient grouping of poses and setting the duration of each according to level and type that can turn your yoga routine into an inspiring journey to the depths of inner peace. There's even a clock to time the duration of your poses. Finally, browse through your training history in the calendar to track your activity and get inspired to reach new heights every day.
Yoga Free delivers pretty well everything that a Main Street yoga class offers except for the familiar smell of sweat and the bloke with the bulging workout pants who always seems to stand in front of you in class. But seriously speaking, it would do all of us a lot of good to regain a little of our sanity by indulging in a little yoga every now and again and Yoga Free is the perfect way of starting it off in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This is a beautifully made, easy to use and very convenient way of doing something for your mind as well as your body. Yoga Free let's you take wherever you go.

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