Developer description

Yoke compiles a personalized overview of activity across your cloud applications to help you maintain focus and save time.

If you are a high-tech professional using several cloud applications, you probably spend a lot of time looking for tasks and updates in those apps. With Yoke, you can create your own personalized dashboard in seconds and track activity across cloud applications from Asana to ZenDesk.

The Yoke dashboard consists of cards that capture key metrics from each account, such as the number of tasks assigned to you in Asana, issues in a JIRA report, incomplete stories in a Pivotal Tracker iteration, articles in your Pocket account, tickets in FreshDesk, and so on. You can click on any card to jump to the right page in the related app.

Yoke uses REST APIs over HTTPS to securely connect to your cloud applications. When available, Yoke uses the OAuth protocol trusted by Facebook, Google and Twitter to get authenticated by the provider. The API queries are limited to the cards that you have configured, and no extraneous information is stored or cached on the servers.

Yoke is extremely easy to configure, unlike most dashboard applications. You can add cards to your dashboard in a few seconds, and let Yoke track your accounts using secure REST APIs. Sign up today at

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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