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Reporting and analytics for data in the cloud.
youcalc offers an on-demand analytics platform ... More

Editor's review

Published 8 Sep 2011

Anyone who has ever sat in a sales meeting feigning interest as yet another chart or graph is passed around for discussion will know how liberating it is when it’s all over. It doesn’t get much better out in the field either when the various key statistics aimed at driving your activity have to be accessed separately.

Imagine then if you could be given all of this information, including sales pipeline, conversion rates and income forecasts on one screen. Add to that web and other marketing campaign analytics and you might actually start enjoying sales meetings. provides a huge library of ready to use apps covering the areas of sales & marketing, CRM, service & support and project management. With no installation or set-up, youcalc connects to your systems, retrieves the data, analyzes it and presents it back to you as interactive charts on one interactive dashboard.

Once you’ve found an app that you like the look of you can play around with pre-loaded demo data and see if the features meet your requirements. Once you are satisfied with it simply connect to your own data and sort and filter the information into different views, dimensions and time ranges.

Youcalc apps can be closely integrated with any of your on-demand systems. For instance a sales app can be run as a tab inside  It can also be added to iGoogle allowing for a personalized dashboard of multiple apps. This alone should please the sales force as only one screen is needed to analyze the data from a number of different systems.

Access to all of your youcalc apps is wide ranging and not confined to the office. You can embed them on your intranet and run them from your mobile phone. And after a 30 day free trial, all of this time saving technology will not only please the workforce but only cost you $19.95 per user a month.

Having all relevant information readily at hand has to be the way forward for all businesses reliant on the accurate analysis of a number of different activities. Youcalc provides apps covering this very requirement which can be customized and report the whole picture in real time.

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