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Published 10 Mar 2021

The invention of the camera phone has revolutionised the way we use our mobile devices in the 2000s. In the golden days of the flip phone, our phones were purely a communication device, but these days they are a combination of phone, messaging device, music player and an address / phone book as well as a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge. However, probably the biggest change has been our ability to take great photos on our devices. In many cases, the camera in your smartphone is of a higher quality than a stand-alone camera. And, if there's one thing that defines the 2000s and our smartphones then surely it's the selfie. It's the image that we show on our social media pages, it's the way that we show our friends and family just how much fun we are having and it's the thing that has replaced the autograph when we meet someone famous. 

Back in the early days it was all about just getting that photo out there. These days, photo editing apps have taken it to another level. There a myriad of them on the app markets that claim to be the best ever. However, technology improves on a daily basis and there's always another one that reckons it's the top dog. FeedMyApp has reviewed plenty of them over the years. So, it's very pleasant when you find one that seems to have everything you want. And this is where we introduce...