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The best cam app for beautifying yourself and making the perfect selfie

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Published 10 Mar 2021

[cont'd] YouCam Perfect to you as it seems to fit that bill very nicely. 

This app for both Android and iOS, and powered by advanced augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, already has over 300 million users around the world. It gets this high regard courtesy of its superior photo editing techniques and its seamless, user-friendly interface. In the same way that today's camera phone technology manages to turn most users into budding experts, the YouCam Perfect app turns all of us into photo-editing professionals too. 

This rather unique app features all the regular editing features that you would expect to find in a state-of-the-art photo editing app including photo-cropping, adjusting, blurring techniques, vignettes, cutouts, teeth whitening, blemish removal, skin smoothers and red-eye removal but then it ups the ante by adding a heap of other great features like a smile adjuster and face shaping. There's also a huge catalog of templates and frames that will take your photos to another level depending on the season or your mood. There's also what the developers call a 'magic brush' and layer effects that make it easy to either add or remove graphics and stickers from your selfies as well as letting you combine various images as well as putting text bubbles on photos to create greetings cards. There are also a series of photo backgrounds including unique animations and you can use a 'green screen' technique to make your photos even cooler. Finally, superior object...