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A unique video editing app that takes photo editing into the video world

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YouCam Video is the first-of-its-kind video editor app that allows users to edit portrait-style ... More

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Published 12 Mar 2021

You might have noticed that FeedMyApp has reviewed a couple of similar looking apps to this one recently. YouCam Perfect is a top of the range photo editing app that helps create beautiful selfies and we admired it greatly while YouCam Makeup is a feature packed virtual cosmetic kit where you can find your new beauty look. The third app in the series is YouCam Video. This one is a video editing app for iOS that takes the photo editing theme into the video world. This easy-to-use app is a unique video editor that lets users edit portrait-style video footage and turn faces, bodies and backgrounds into pure video perfection with just a few taps on your smartphone. 

YouCam Video is a ground-breaking video editing app that uses advanced augmented reality and artificial intelligence features to improve makeup, face shapes, backgrounds, hair styles and many other effects in your videos. What's more, it does it in seconds. It uses the same technology as the award winning YouCam Makeup app but it's been adapted superbly to fulfil a similar role in the video world. The app features a huge selection of AR effects that can be implemented with just a tap and it's simple to share your dynamic videos via your favorite social media sites including Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok.

The app uses hyper-realistic augmented reality and the patented AgileFace tracking technology to identify and isolate individual faces in video footage for fast editing. It takes into...