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A unique video editing app that takes photo editing into the video world

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Published 12 Mar 2021

[cont'd] account each individual facial feature and the lighting adjustments in group videos to deliver the most accurate and natural looking videos with all edits applied in real time. If you are going for the 'influencer' look there's nothing better than this app. You can give yourself that airbrushed complexion look and change your hair and makeup in a flash. You've always been able to do it with photos but now you can achieve the same look with your videos. 

The app features hundreds of instant makeup styles across all the obvious categories including lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, eye lashes, eyeliner and eye-brows. You'll also find a huge selection of reshaping and retouching tools to show you in your best light in your selfie videos. These include face shaping and tools to improve the look of your chin, your nose and your lips as well as natural looking and adjustable skin smoothing. There's also a vast array of hair colors including two-tone hues and specialty ombre effects. 

If there's one thing that the pandemic has confirmed in the last year or so it is our reliance on social media. There are now even more places for us to post our photos and videos and we are always looking at ways to improve the visual quality of our posts. In a lot of cases we also want to improve the way we look ourselves in the video and this is where the YouCam Video...