Developer description

YouMatchUp lets users create, debate and vote on customized questions. Questions can range from current affairs to hypothetical ideas. Your imagination is the limit.
Unlike a simple poll, YouMatchUp gives users more flexibility to customize their questions while also keeping them streamlined. Users can make multiple choice questions (i.e. matchups) for others to vote on. Users can also add attributes and parameters to give questions their own personal touch.
Sharing questions with friends on Facebook and Twitter is easy. To make questions a user can register for free. This allows the questions a user creates to be saved under his or her account.
Registration is not required if a user just wants to vote on questions. Users can start voting on questions as soon as they visit the site. If you are feeling adventurous press the random button to be randomly assigned a user generated question.
This site was designed for people to be creative, have fun and share their questions with friends. We hope you enjoy using YouMatchUp!

Last updated 22 May 2014

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