Developer description

Youpilotto is an online social lotto application that enables players to individually or collaboratively pick out their winning numbers by interactively applying their own selection strategy which may emerge from the analysis of comprehensive statistics provided by the platform, or from strategies developed and submitted by other players.
Youpilotto highlights the leisurely side of lottery play by providing a user-friendly channel for play experience sharing which brings players together to discuss, elaborate and propose detailed plans for achieving winning outcomes.
The application carries out innovative patented method (US8727859 B2) users can use to measure the accuracy of their gaming strategies so as to optimize their gaming.
The process generates lotto numbers which match filters conditions defined by users. Beside, Youpilotto is a central place for users to check the latest lotto results or request all interesting statistical facts about the past draws available for the lotteries of their choice; to manage their personal results and playing techniques history. With Youpilotto, players will now play with control through modeling to earn better. By joining lotto clubs and therefore playing with friends and colleagues, they increase their odd of winning and avoid addiction.

Last updated 15 Jun 2014