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The first real-life interactive game where you control all the action

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Published 2 Dec 2013

[cont'd] Its the only interactive game that uses real video, real people and real characters to tell the story and crosses the threshold between filmmaking and gaming - pushing the boundaries of media technology as well as the mobile app world.
Your Pizza Adventure is a completely new form of interactive game put together by a team of filmmakers, actors and game designers and incorporates live action to bring the game world to life. You get to choose everything that happens in the game from the plethora of options that are available to you. This app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is great for kids as well as curious adults and offers hours of professionally filmed entertainment to keep you amused. Mark my words, when Sofia Coppola or Alexander Payne put together their state-of-the-art interactive app in a few years time, we'll be talking about this one as the original that started it all off.